Firsts: First night in the cot.

Despite Lyra being pretty grumpy the past few days we decided to try her
in the cot last night. She was starting to wake herself up in the moses
basket because she’d hit the sides when she stretched out. We were
pretty sure she’d like it because she likes to spread out when she
sleeps but because of her recent mood we kept our fingers crossed. Turns
out there was nothing to worry about, she went straight to sleep in it,
slept 9-3 then 3.30-7.30! She looks so tiny in her cot bed, right now I
can’t imagine her ever being big enough to fill it! We had to dismantle
the cot to get it from the nursery to our room as I’m not ready for her
to sleep in a different room and I can no longer get in to bed on my
side but it’s worth it to have a happy, sleeping daughter. Now I just
hope that last night wasn’t a fluke…

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