9 Weeks Old.

Lyra is a constant surprise and delight
for us. This week was full of firsts for her and she really took them
all in her stride. She had her first bottle of expressed milk from Matt
and had no problems with it. She also happily took bottles from my Mum
and me later in the week. Lyra had her longest car journey yet and slept
all of the way, her first night in a new place and she slept as normal,
and we left her with someone else for the first time and she was fine
with that as well. This week was also the week of Lyra’s first
injections and although she was pretty grumpy for the next day or so it
was not as bad as I was expected. Every time we try something new I hold
my breath and hope this isn’t the thing she’s going to hate and so far
we’ve been incredibly lucky.

Lyra’s favourite thing at the moment is putting her hands in her
mouth and playing with a muslin. She still loves being read to and
thanks to your recommendations we ended up buying Olivia Saves the Circus, A Bit Lost and Ish.

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