Making Friends.

I’m lucky
enough to have three very close friends who I’ve known since I was a
child. We went to junior and senior school together, went out drinking
together when we turned 18, have been on holiday together, been to each
others weddings and now we’re adding another generation to our group.
This weekend they came to visit and meet Lyra for the first time and it
was awesome. We don’t get a chance to spend a lot of time all together
anymore what with work and family commitments, one of them even lives in
Belgium at the moment so had a long way to come. We spent the time
catching up and passing Lyra around between us. Lyra loved it, she
really enjoys being held and having different people talk to her. The
above photo is her with one of my friends, holding her finger and
staring up at her face. I’m so grateful that Lyra will grow up
surrounded by such wonderful women.

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