6 Weeks Old.

This week has definitely been the week of the baths. We decided to try
her in the proper bath with one of us and she love them! She loves
kicking around in the water and now only cries when we get her out. The
health visitor came round this week as well and weighed Lyra, she’s now
10lb 10oz, I’m really proud of our nursing relationship and it’s nice to
know that it’s working. She’s also getting so long! We’ve already had
to retire some of the smaller 0-3 sleep suits and I know it won’t be
long before we’re in the 3-6 ones. As well as outgrowing sleep suits
she’s also outgrowing the moses basket so I think we’ll be making the
transition to the cot this weekend. I’m pretty nervous about it but
since she loves to stretch out as she sleeps I’m sure she’s going to be

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