2 Weeks Old.

I’m 3 days
late in posting this, I feel like that may be a theme for these photos
throughout the year. I’m not getting on my laptop as much to upload
proper photos at the moment. We also decided to change the blanket this
week as the one in this photo was handmade for Lyra by one of my closest
friends.I thought it would be much nicer to have a sentimental blanket
recorded in these photos.

We’ve ventured out a couple more times this week and I’m gaining
confidence with every trip. This week we’ve started dressing Lyra in
proper clothes instead of just sleepsuits, she’s already in 0-3 stuff as
she’s so long! Matt went back to work this week as well so I’ve had to
adjust to being home alone with Lyra all day. She is still such a dream
and sleeping well at night. We’ve had one bad night but usually she only
wakes once or twice, fingers crossed this will continue. Lyra does
spend more of the day awake now and it’s so fun to see her taking
everything in and watching the world go by.

I feel like she’s already changing so much and we’re definitely falling more and more in love with her everyday.

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