Father and Daughter.

This man. Oh, this man has been amazing. He seems to have flourished in
his new role as father and my heart feels so full from watching the two
of them together. Not only is he dong an amazing job of looking after
Lyra but he’s also looking after me as I recover from her birth. He’s
done almost every nappy change as our mat is on the floor and I struggle
to get up and down. He gets up during the night to keep me company as I
feed her and then help get her back to sleep. He paces the floor
carrying her when she’s uncomfortable due to wind and won’t settle. He
sits making faces at her and chatting away in those brief moments during
the day when she’s awake and alert. I knew in my heart he would make a
good father but seeing it now still manages to bring a tear to my eye.
I’m so grateful to him and so very happy that this is the man I chose to
start a family with. I can’t wait to see the relationship between Matt
and Lyra grow as she does.

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