5 days over.

My due
date was 5 days ago and I must admit I’m starting to struggle now. I’ve
no motivation to do anything but I’m also bored out of my mind being
home alone all day. Physically I’m feeling ok although sleep is
difficult now due to my size. My body keeps tricking me, most evenings
are spent with me in pain due to cramps and back ache but it never
progresses to anything more and I find myself waking up disappointed in
the morning.

On the bright side, Matt will be home in an hour and a half and then
I’ll have him with me all weekend. We’ve planned ourselves a busy day
tomorrow of walking around a couple of National Trust properties. Maybe a
day of walking will start this labour off but if not I get a fun day
hanging out with my husband. Sunday morning I have my first sweep so
we’ll see if that does anything either. If not we have a day of walking
and cuddling up watching films planned. I’m really looking forward to
getting out of the house, enjoying some fresh air and having Matt with
me. So it’s really not all bad but I really would love my baby in my
arms by the end of the weekend please.

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