1 Week Old.

Technically Lyra turned one week old on Thursday but we’ve had a lot
of family visiting over the past couple of days so this is the first
chance I’ve had to post this.

I can’t believe it, one week has already passed. In one way it feels
like only yesterday that I was giving birth to her but it also feels
like she’s always been a part of our family. This first week has been a
lot less hectic than I thought it would be. Lyra only wakes a couple of
times through the night (I know this could change any day) so we’ve
managed to get a lot more sleep than we were expecting. This has meant
we’re really not as exhausted during the day as we expected to be. We
manage to spend all of our days just staring at this perfect little
creature we’ve created, she is such a little time waster. Things have
been quiet around here as we’ve only had family visiting so far but
we’ll be opening up the house to friends this week I think. Matt goes
back to work on Wednesday so I’m a little nervous about being at home
with Lyra but if she stays this easy going I’m sure I can manage.

All in all, we’re settling in pretty well and are very much in love with our little Lyra Josephine.

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