Very Much So is full of tips, tricks and activity ideas to help parents with young children get outside more, regardless of how much or how little green space they have outside their own front door. Nature provides the perfect playground for children as well as countless opportunities for them to learn. Most of us know this and want to spend more time outdoors but, let’s be honest, it’s sometimes difficult to manage. Between sleep deprivation, teething and tantrums those special holidays and days out that you once daydreamed about can seem impossible. But I hope that by sharing our own little adventures on this blog you will feel inspired to start searching for adventure in everyday life.

I think an introduction is in order. I’m Amy, the creator of Very Much So and lover of bleak, dramatic landscapes although I cannot choose between the forest or the sea as the place my soul is happiest. I’m (very nearly) almost 30 and live in Bath UK with my husband Matt and our two daughters. Matt devours books at a superhuman speed, often finds himself chief carrier on our adventures, is the driving force behind our YouTube channel, and is quite frankly an awesome person to share this parenting journey with. Our first daughter Lyra was born in April 2014 and turned our world upside down and inside out. She’s clever and beautiful, strong willed and curious, our little hurricane. And then in May 2016 our family was completed with the arrival of our second daughter Athena. All eyes and cheeks she’s our perfect little contradiction. Our rough and tumble, thrill seeking, comfort loving, limpet.

Without a doubt our favourite thing to do as a family is get outside and explore. We really believe that all of the magic happens in those little everyday ordinary moments. Adventure for us isn’t always a once in a lifetime moment or a trip to far off lands. Adventure can be found on a trip to the local shops. A simple stick can become almost anything through the imagination of a child and so can a short trip outside. Muddy puddles, tree climbing, collecting sticks and stones, all of these things and more become the things of childhood memories. And that is why I blog. To find adventure in everyday life. I do hope you join me.